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Nurses House Inc. Grant Program

Nurses House provides short term grants to RNs who are unable to work due to a medical crisis. RNs can apply for help with housing expenses including rent or mortgage payments. If the individual does not have a housing payment, Nurses House will cover medical expenses as outlined in the Service Program Guidelines. 

Click here to view the guidelines for the Nurses House grant:

Service Program Guidelines


Instructions for Applying:

STEP #1 - Print the Nurses House Health Status Report and have it filled out and signed by your medical provider (physician/nurse practitioner). You may then move on to step #2. 

STEP #2 - Gather the following documents as you will be asked to upload them and then click on the application below:

-Completed Health Status Report Form (See step #1)* 

-Current or most recent pay stub and pay stubs for anyone else employed in your household

-Other income statements if applicable (SSI, SSD, short term or long term disability, workers comp, food stamps, etc) for everyone living in your household

-Copy of mortgage statement or lease agreement (if none, a property tax bill or medical bills may be considered).  


Click here for the Nurses House Application

If you have any questions please contact