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Nurses House Inc. Grant Program

Nurses House provides short term grants to RNs who are unable to work due to medical crisis. RNs can apply for help with housing expenses including rent or mortgage payments. If the individual is not currently making a housing payment, Nurses House will cover medical expenses as outlined in the Service Program Guidelines. 

Click here to view the guidelines for the Nurses House grant:

Service Program Guidelines


Instructions for Applying:

#1 - Print the Nurses House Health Status Report and have it filled out and signed by your medical provider (physician/nurse practitioner). Make sure your name, date and test result are visible. Please have the Health Status Report filled out prior to starting the application. You must apply within 30 days of the date on the HSR for it to be accepted. 

#2 - Click below to access the online application. You will be asked to upload the following documents, so please have them available:

-Completed Health Status Report Form (above)* 

-Most recent paystubs for everyone living in your household

-Other income statements if applicable (SS, SS Disability, short term or long term disability, workers comp, etc) for everyone living in your household

-Copy of mortgage statement or lease agreement or, if none, property tax bill. 

Nurses House Application

If you have any questions please contact